1787 Sixpence, Proof (plain edge) by Pingo, ESC 1627:R2

1787 Sixpence, Proof (plain edge) by Pingo, George III laureate bust, reverse, crowned cruciform shields with hearts, crowns in angles, ESC 1627:R2 (very rare). This is a choice example with superb toning, very rare.

1800 Maundy set

1800 Maundy set, George III, reverse, crowned value, extremely fine+.

1819 Half Crown

1819 Half Crown, George III laureate head, reverse, Crowned shield, good extremely fine.

1798 Shilling, Dorrien and Magens, ex Slaney Collection part 1

1798 Shilling, ‘Dorrien and Magens’ type by Pingo, laureate bust right, no stop overhead, rev. crowned cruciform shields, crowns in angles, garter star in centre, semee of hearts in Hannoverian arms, edge milled, ESC 1227 (R5); S.3747, seven examples known.

Ex Slaney collection, Spink auction 163, 15/May/2003 lot 218.

This is perhaps the most sought after English shilling, it is certainly one of the most famous. Not only is this piece a great rarity, it also comes from one of the most prestigious collections (Slaney, part 1).

Examples from this issue very rarely appear on the market.

1816 Shilling

1816 Shilling, George III laureate bust, reverse, crowned shield in garter, uncirculated