Celtic, Dobunni, Corio, Gold Stater

Celtic, Dobunni, Corio, Stater, Dobunnic leaf emblem, reverse, triple tailed horse, CORIO, crescent and pellets above, six spoked wheel below, 5.54grms, S.386, good very fine, very rare.

Henry VIII Angel

Henry VIII Angel, first coinage (1509-26), mint mark portcullis, reverse, shield within ship, S.2265, extremely fine, scarce in this grade.

Henry VI Noble, choice example

Henry VI Noble, King in ship holding shield and sword, annulet issue (1422-30), London, S.1799, as struck, this is a choice example and rare in this grade.

James I Unite, mint mark coronet

James I, Unite, King with sceptre holding orb, second coinage, fourth bust, mint mark coronet (1607-9), reverse, crowned shield, S.2619, extremely fine and a very attractive example of this issue.

Edward III Noble

Edward III (1327-77), Noble, Treaty period, (1361-9), London, King standing in ship holding sword, reverse, double saltire stops, E in centre, mint mark cross potent, N.1232; S.1503, extremely fine, an excellent portrait piece.

James I Rose Ryal, extremely rare die combination

James I, rose-ryal, second coinage (1604-19), king enthroned, mint mark castle over mullet over coronet, reverse, shield on rose, 13.57 grms, S.2613, gvf, extremely rare die combination.

Mary, Gold Angel

Mary (1553-4), Angel, St. Michael slaying the dragonclass 1, annulet stops, mint mark Pomegranate reverse, shield, S.2490, gvf, very rare
ex SNC, March 1941
ex Cunningham 31/1/1951 (363), cost £15.10.0


Henry VIII Crown of the double rose

Henry VIII Crown of the double rose, third coinage (1544-7), Bristol. Crowned Tudor rose ‘H R’ either side reverse, Crowned shield, mint mark -/ws, S.2309, gvf-nef, rare.

Elizabeth I Half Pound

Elizabeth I, half pound, second issue (1560-1), crowned bust, reverse, crowned shield, E R at sides, mint mark cross crosslet, weight 5.56 grms, S.2520, gvf-nef, rare.