Edward III Noble

Edward III (1327-77), Noble, Treaty period, (1361-9), London, King standing in ship holding sword, reverse, double saltire stops, E in centre, mint mark cross potent, N.1232; S.1503, extremely fine, an excellent portrait piece.

James I Rose Ryal, extremely rare die combination

James I, rose-ryal, second coinage (1604-19), king enthroned, mint mark castle over mullet over coronet, reverse, shield on rose, 13.57 grms, S.2613, gvf, extremely rare die combination.

Mary Angel

Mary (1553-4), Angel, St. Michael slaying the dragonclass 1, annulet stops, mint mark Pomegranate reverse, shield, S.2490, gvf, very rare
ex SNC, March 1941
ex Cunningham 31/1/1951 (363), cost £15.10.0


Henry VIII Crown of the double rose

Henry VIII Crown of the double rose, third coinage (1544-7), Bristol. Crowned Tudor rose ‘H R’ either side reverse, Crowned shield, mint mark -/ws, S.2309, gvf-nef, rare.

Elizabeth I Half Pound

Elizabeth I, half pound, second issue (1560-1), crowned bust, reverse, crowned shield, E R at sides, mint mark cross crosslet, weight 5.56 grms, S.2520, gvf-nef, rare.

Edward VI Half Sovereign

Edward VI half sovereign, second coinage 1549-50, crowned bust r, mint mark Y, (Southwark), reverse, crowned shield, S.2438, gf-nvf for issue, very rare.

Charles I Unite

Charles I Unite, 1625-49, Tower mint, under the king, second bust in ruff, armour and mantle, group B (1625-42), 8.3 grms, S.2687, gvf.

Charles II Unite

Charles II Unite, second issue (1660-2), laureate bust, mint mark crown, revere, crowned shield, C R either side, extremely fine, an attractive example of a rare issue.

Elizabeth I Pound

Older bust with elaborate dress, mint mark woolpack (1594-6), reverse, crowned shield, E R each side, S.2534, extremely fine, very rare.