Charles I Half Crown, 1646, Newark siege

Charles I Half Crown, 1646, Newark siege, large crown between CR reverse, OBS/ NEWMARK/ 1646. This example is extremely fine for issue, very rare in this grade.

Charles I Crown, Tower mint, Gp IV

Charles I Crown, Tower under Parliament, Gp IV, King on horseback, type 4, reverse, Oval shield, mint mark sun, N.2198; S.2761, good very fine, struck on large flan.

Edward VI Crown, 1552

Edward VI Crown, 1552, crowned monarch on horseback, mint mark Tun, reverse, coat of arms in centre, this is an excellent example of this rare date, far nicer than the usual examples for sale and thus very rare.

Elizabeth I Crown

Elizabeth I Crown, Crowned monarch in elaborate dress holding sceptre, mint mark 1, reverse, shield in centre. This is an exceptional example, extremely fine for issue with a superb portrait, extremely rare.

Henry VIII Testoon

Henry VIII Testoon, Tower mint, third coinage. Crowned bust of monarch (bust 3), group B, mm. Pellet in annulet, reverse, Crowned Tudor rose between H R, S.2366, very fine, very rare.

1653 Crown

1653 Crown, Oliver Cromwell (Commonwealth of England), English shield, mint mark sun, reverse, English and Irish shields, value above, extremely fine. This example is a crisp, full flan example of this issue, very rare in this grade.