1902 Crown, Edward VII

1902 Crown, Edward VII, reverse, St. George and the dragon, uncirculated, lightly toned.

Charles I Crown, Tower mint, Gp II

Charles I Crown, Tower mint, King on horseback, GpII, mint mark harp over rose over plume, obverse only, reverse, oval shield over cross fourchee, CR above, mint mark harp, N.2193; S.2755, nearly very fine.

1893 Silver Proof Set, Crown to 3d, slabbed by NGC

1893 Silver Proof set, Victoria veiled head. The set is slabbed by NGC, grading is as follows:

Crown: PF65, Half Crown: PF62, Florin: PF63, Shillig, PF63, Sixpence: PF63 CAMEO, Threepence: PF64

A good quality set with the key coin the Crown at PF65.