1902 Crown, Edward VII

1902 Crown, Edward VII, reverse, St George and dragon, date below, virtually uncirculated.

1845 Crown, Victoria young head

1845 Crown, Victoria young head, reverse, crowned shield, virtually uncirculated, attractive high grade example, rare in this grade.

1893 Silver Proof Set, Crown to 3d, slabbed by NGC

1893 Silver Proof set, Victoria veiled head. The set is slabbed by NGC, grading is as follows:

Crown: PF65, Half Crown: PF62, Florin: PF63, Shillig, PF63, Sixpence: PF63 CAMEO, Threepence: PF64

A good quality set with the key coin the Crown at PF65.


1887 Set, Five pound to 3d housed in velvet and leather case

1887 Set, Victoria Jubilee head. The set features a five pound, two pound, sovereign, half sovereign, crown, double florin, half crown, florin, shilling, sixpence and threepence.

The coins are housed in a contemporary velvet and leather case. The coins are all uncirculated, the gold is lustrous and the silver toned.