1893 Silver Proof Set, Crown to 3d, slabbed by NGC

1893 Silver Proof set, Victoria veiled head. The set is slabbed by NGC, grading is as follows:

Crown: PF65, Half Crown: PF62, Florin: PF63, Shillig, PF63, Sixpence: PF63 CAMEO, Threepence: PF64

A good quality set with the key coin the Crown at PF65.


1723 Shilling

1723 Shilling, George I laureate head, reverse, crowned cruciform shields, SSC in angles, virtually uncirculated, toned.

1700 Shilling

1700 Shilling, William III fifth bust, reverse, crowned cruciform shields, S.3516, choice uncirculated, much lustre with light toning, a very attractive example.