Charles I Shilling, York mint

Charles I Shilling, York mint, Gp 1 (type 1), mint mark lion, reverse, EBOR above square topped shield, N.2316; S.2870, about extremely fine, struck from clipped blank, crease.
Ex. DNW 3/12/2018, lot 332
Ex. R.K. Richardson 2008


Charles I Half Crown, 1646, Newark siege

Charles I Half Crown, 1646, Newark siege, large crown between CR reverse, OBS/ NEWMARK/ 1646. This example is extremely fine for issue, very rare in this grade.

Charles I Crown, Tower mint, Gp IV

Charles I Crown, Tower under Parliament, Gp IV, King on horseback, type 4, reverse, Oval shield, mint mark sun, N.2198; S.2761, good very fine, struck on large flan.

Charles I Unite

Charles I Unite, 1625-49, Tower mint, under the king, second bust in ruff, armour and mantle, group B (1625-42), 8.3 grms, S.2687, gvf.