James I Rose Ryal, slabbed XF45 ‘TOP POP’, finest.

James I Rose Ryal, second coinage (1612-13), king seated on throne, holding orb and sceptre, portucullis below, reverse, square topped shield, mint mark tower over mullet over coronet, N.2079; S.2613.

This example is slabbed by NGC XF45, attaining ‘TOP POP’ status, extremely rare.

Edward VI Half Sovereign, Tower mint

Edward VI Half Sovereign (Posthumous coinage in the name of Henry VIII), Tower mint, monarch seated holding orb and sceptre, mint mark sceptre, reverse, Crowned shield, S.2391; N.1865. 

This example is very fine for issue, weakly struck on the portrait, rare.

1651 Unite, Commonwealth of England

1651 Gold Unite, Commonwealth of England (1649-60), English shield within laurel, mint mark sun, reverse, English and Irish shields, date above, with beaded circle, S.3208. This example is struck on a full flan, good very fine-nearly extremely fine.