Henry VII Angel, mint mark Pheon

Henry VII (1485-1509), Angel, St. Michael slaying the dragon, mint mark Pheon (1505-9), reverse, ship, square topped shield, S.2187, extremely fine, struck on a full flan, an excellent example, very rare in this grade.

Ex. Elliott collection, sold Seaby 14 December 1936, £2, 15s, 0d


Edward III, Noble, Fourth coinage 1351-77, Tower, very rare mule type

Edward III Noble, Fourth coinage (1351-77), series F/Ga mule, unbarred A’ and N’s, saltire stops, mint mark cross 3, reverse, large E in centre, annulet stops, 7.68grms, (Doubleday 87-88; Schneider 36 same ob die; N.1173/1179; S.1489/1490). This is a very rare mule, softly struck otherwise nearly extremely fine, lustrous, edge nick at 5 o’clock, a good example with an excellent provenance.

Pinchbeck Hoard, Lincolnshire, discovered 1980’s
Ex, Christie’s, 28th Febuary 1989, lot 11
Ex, Spink, 24th November 1993. lot 12
Ex DNW, 14th March 2007, lot 1496


Henry VIII Angel, first coinage

Henry VIII Angel, first coinage (1509-26), reverse, shield within ship, mint mark Portcullis, S.2265, very fine/good very fine.