1847 Crown, Gothic issue

1847 Crown, Gothic type, reverse, Crowned cruciform shields, UNDECIMO on edge, uncirculated, prooflike with attractive toning.

1887 Gold and Silver Specimen set

1887 Specimen set, Victoria Jubilee, set includes £5, £2, £1, £1/2, Crown, Double Florin, Half Crown, Florin, Shilling, 6d and 3d, coins range from about unc to uncirculated.

1900 Sixpence, Victoria

1900 Sixpence, Victoria older head, reverse, crowned value, date below, uncirculated.

1836 Shilling, William IV

1836 Shilling, William IV bare head, reverse, Crowned value within wreath, uncirculated, attractive toning.

1708 Shilling, Anne

1708 Shilling, Anne, third bust, reverse, Crowned cruciform shields, good extremely fine.