1893 Proof Florin, Victoria, slabbed PF63

1893 Florin, Proof issue, Victoria veiled head, reverse, three shields within garter, S.3938. This example is slabbed by NGC PF63, an attractively toned example.

1902 Gold and Silver Matt Proof set, Edward VII

1902 Gold and Silver Matt proof set housed in Royal mint case of issue. All the coins are graded by NGC, as list below. In our opinion the gold is very strictly graded.

1902 £5 PF62 MATTE, 1902 £2 PF63 MATTE, 1902 £1 PF62 MATTE, 1902 £1/2 PF62 MATTE, 1902 Crown, PF64 MATTE, 1902 2/6 PF63 MATTE, 1902 2/- PF60 MATTE, 1902 1/- PF63 MATTE, 1902 6d PF62 MATTE, 1902 M4d PF65 MATTE, 1902 M3d PF64 MATTE, 1902 M2d PF63 MATTE, 1902 M1d PF64 MATTE.

1697 Sixpence, William III, third bust

1697 Sixpence, William III third draped bust, reverse, Crowned cruciform shields, later harp, large crowns, S.3538. This example is uncirculated, lustrous, struck on a large flan.