Coinage of England

Welcome to our website, we have been dealing in fine and rare English coins for many years. Our extensive knowledge and contacts within the numismatic world can assist clients to build their collections. Our website incorporates a selection of our stock, so please contact us with your wants lists.

We are also very keen buyers and offer immediate payment for coins purchased. We also offer favourable terms when clients consign coins to us. Please feel free to phone or email us to discuss the various options available.


We specialise in rare and choice English coins. Coins are subject to individual grading standards and are subjective, we grade to our standards which we feel are strict.


Rarity is a key aspect and many coins of the highest rarity fetch substantially more than list prices. So, be prepared to pay extra for those elusive coins you have been searching for.


Advice is always available and we are happy to appraise your collection.