Elizabeth I Gold Half Crown, slabbed MS62, FINEST KNOWN

Elizabeth I (1558-1603) , gold half crown, second  issue (1561-5), Tower, bust 3F, reverse, Crowned shield dividing E-R, mint mark cross crosslet, N.1984; Brown and Comber J5 this coin, Montague III, 56; Schneider I, 753; Adams 16: S. 2524.

Ex V J E Ryan, Glendining, 28th June 1950, lot 344

This is an exceptional example of an extremely rare issue. It is currently graded MS62 by NGC, subsequently making it the finest known. Currently all hammered gold in MS grades are commanding high premiums, making this coin very sought after.
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Scotland, Charles I Unit, Briot’s coinage, MS61+, a beautiful and superb coin

Scotland, Charles I Unit, third coinage, Briot issue, half length figure of the monarch, crowned holding a sceptre and orb, wearing ornate armour, thistle and small B sideways to the left of the crown, reverse, Crowned shield of arms divides crowned C R, weight 9.94grms, Stewart 206; S.5531.

This example is absolutely superb, mint state with magnificent red lustrous toning. It is currently graded by NGC as MS61+, in our opinion, undergraded.
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1746 Five Guineas, George II, LIMA, very rare

1746 Five Guineas, George II laureate head, LIMA, reverse, Crowned shield, D.NONO on edge, S.3665, very rare. Lima Five Guinea’s are becoming very difficult to find on the open market and as such are desirable.

Virtually extremely fine, small amount of uneveness to surfaces and also to the edge otherwise a good example of this very rare issue with an excellent portrait. A very affordable example given the high sums being asked for high grade examples.